Amazing Fish Pictures Without Touching Your Catch

Hands Free Fish Pictures

FishDocktor Handles have many uses when you are out fishing, from holding a fish that weighs up to 35 pounds, to using it as a fish pick to avoid touching it. But did you know it is also very useful to take fish pictures of your catch?

This is the reason FISHDOCKTOR® HANDLES were developed as the best way to display your catch for classic fish photos. There is no other tool on the market available today which offers this feature. Fish and angler are all that is seen in the photo. Your catch appears as it looks in nature,no gaffs & hands spoil the shot. No more gaping mouth bass or distorted bodies This system is protected by a US patent.

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Hold Fish Like This - FishDocktor Handles

Hold Fish Like This

Display Fish Like This - FishDocktor Handles

Display Fish Like This

When charter boat captains go out, they always display proudly the prize fish they caught that day. Trouble is that the fish picture is always spoiled by hands holding the belly or the mouth gaping open. Now, with Fishdocktor® Handles you can pose with up to a 60 lb. fish. Your trophy fish can be held either live or iced down in front of you with only the angler and his catch visible. No hands, gaffs, or any other tool is visible. Just you and your catch in all its glory!

Best part is, the fish can be returned live to the ocean often less harmed than if the angler actually touched the fish!

Our tool allows you to capture amazing fish pictures, showing your catch the right way while allowing you to avoid having to handle your catch.

FishDocktor Handles makes great gifts for fishermen and for the tackle box of your favorite fisherman. Both anglers and cooks love handy gadgets, and this is one tool they will wonder how they did without! Shop for yours today!




Take Amazing Fish Pictures And Start Showing Off Your Catches The Right Way!

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