Pick Up Your Fish Without Touching It

Fish Pick by Fish Docktor Handles - Pick Up Your Fish Without Touching The FishFish Pick by Fish Docktor Handles

One the the most useful things you can have in your tackle box is a good fish pick. The FishDocktor Handles can be used as a fish pick and allow touch-free handling of fish. Whether you are holding the fish to display it for a photo or picking one up to bait a line, touching a fish can be dangerous. To ensure your safety and the safety of those you are fishing with, be sure to include FishDocktor Handles in your tackle box.

Each one will hold fish up to 30lb. This is an all-purpose mini gaff that can safely and cleanly handle your catch from hook to fishbox to frying pan.

Whether you are handling a live active fish which can stick you or bite you; or one in the ice box that can stick you just as badly
this tool will keep your hands safe, clean and dry. It’s contoured grip gives you firm control over all but the very biggest fish. The FISH PICK is the Fishdocktor® Handle’s handiest feature..Each handle is made from solid cast, salt water and UV light resistant PVC plastic with Stainless Steel tip embedded.


Touchless Handling for Safety and Best Practices

There is no need to touch the fish when you use these innovative handles that allow you to lift, move, and display fish without ever coming into skin-to-scale contact with them. Besides interrupting their mucous membrane, which is an essential part of the a fish’s immune system, touching a fish can be harmful to your own health. There are several very dangerous types of infections that can be contracted by being cut by a fish scale or fish fin.

Stay Safe From Fish-Handler’s Disease

There are two types of bacteria associated with what is known as fish handler’s disease. These bacteria are Erysipelothrix and Mycobacterium Marinum. Fish scales are sharp and can easily cut your skin when you are handling fish. The bacteria live on the surface of the fish and are thus easily transferred into the cut. Mycobacterium Marinum is also known as fish tuberculosis and is related to human tuberculosis, as well as leprosy. Stay safe from infection by using fish handles from FishDocktor.

Vibrio Can be Fatal

Vibrio is a very serious infectious disease caused by the Vibrio bacteria, which is commonly found on shellfish but can also be found in areas with small shellfish populations. It is found in warm water estuaries and marine waters. The mortality rate from this infection is a staggering twenty-five percent. Don’t become a statistic: if you are fishing in warm salt or brackish water, use the FishDocktor Handles to handle fish and stay safe.

Protect yourself from skin-on-scale related diseases, and use FishDocktor Handles for touch-free handling of all fish.



Stay Clean And Safe When You Fish

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