Our Fish Descaler Tool Makes Cleaning Fish Easy

Once you use our descaler tool, you’ll never want to use anything else

Fish Descaler ToolFish Docktor – Fish Descaler Tool

FishDocktor Handles have many uses when you are out fishing, from holding a fish that weighs up to 35 pounds for the perfect photo to using it as a fish pick to avoid touching it. But did you know it is also super handy once you are back on dry land? When you are preparing your fish to be cleaned and eaten, you have to first descale it well and then fillet it. FishDocktor Handles make filleting your fish easy with our all-in-one fish descaler tool!


Fish Descaling Made Easy!

De scaling can be one of the most dreaded chores in fishing. Many fish fin pricks occur during this part of the process, and along with gutting is the messiest process.

With the Fishdocktor® Handles descaler you can position the fish any way you want.  Flip it over and even turn it on its side to get all the scales. One simple hooking through the fleshy part of the tail is all that is required to firmly secure the fish in any position.

You can remove a fish from the fish box, place it on the cutting board, and perform the entire operation to descale the fish without needing to wash your hands afterward.

FishDocktor Handles descaler tool makes great gifts for fisherman and fit nicely in their tackle box, as well as for the chef in your life. Both anglers and cooks love handy gadgets, and this is one tool they will wonder how they did without! Shop for yours today!



Save Time and Hassle With Our Easy Fish Descaler

Our Fish Docktor Handles descaling tool makes great gifts for fishermen and is a must have for your tackle box.

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