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Fillet Assistant ToolFillet Assistant – By FishDocktor Handles

FishDocktor Handles have many uses when you are out fishing, from holding a fish that weighs up to 35 pounds for the perfect photo to using it as a fish pick to avoid touching it. But did you know it is also super handy once you are done for the day and back on dry land? When you are preparing your fish to be cooked and eaten, you have to first scale it well and then fillet it. FishDocktor Handles make filleting your fish easy!

This is the best way to perfectly remove the skin from your catch without leaving any meat behind. Simply pierce the point on the Fishdocktor® Handle through the base of the tail gently separate a small amount of fillet from the body then run your knife along the
inside of the skin while pulling back on the skin with the handle.

The independent action of the two tools allows you to separate the skin from the fillet while scraping off all the meat along the inside of the fillet. This is how Fishdocktor® Handles came about. The process reminded his friend of a doctor operating.


It’s Easy Filleting A Fish With The Fillet Assistant!

When you are cooking your latest catch of the day, you will want to make sure that the fillets are perfect, and one way to get them to be cut perfectly is to make sure you have a good hold of the fish when you are filleting them. A good filleting knife is an essential tool for anyone who loves to prepare fresh fish for delicious meals. But, a good filleting knife needs a good assistant and the perfect assistant is a FishDockor Handle.

The best fillet knife is one that is razor sharp. One slip of the knife, and you’ll be making a trip to the emergency room instead of sitting down to a delicious meal. Keep your hands safe by using FishDocktor Handles to hold onto your dinner.

FishDocktor Handles make great gifts for the tackle box of your favorite fisherman or woman, as well as the chef in your life. Both anglers and cooks love handy gadgets, and this is one tool they will wonder how they did without! Shop for yours today and find out why you will never want to use another tool!




Easily Fillet A Fish With The Fillet Assistant!

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