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THE FISHDOCKTOR HANDLES were developed by Captain JB Pybus over the years as a means to assist him in providing the very best fishing experience for his family, friends and clients. To provide even more info about us, he recently further refined the handles, copyrighted them, and offered them to the public for the first time. There is no comparable implement on the market today.

Capt. JB Pybus was born and reared on a farm in Alabama. With ponds and a creek on the farm, at an early age, fishing became a passion for JB. This passion not only provided for entertainment, but a food source, as well. He cane pole fished from the shore, as well as from a handmade cypress wood boat motorized by a cane push pole and also skulled.

Capt. JB Pybus attended the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and discovered he has Crimson blood running through his veins…now and forever!

JB served in the U.S. military during the Korean Conflict and he was honorably discharged to follow a career in the manufacturing world with major paperboard and folding carton corporations in Atlanta, Georgia, Memphis, Tennessee, Los Angeles, California, Monroe, Louisiana, and Kankakee, Illinois. When the cold weather finally became an issue for JB, he became the Vice President and General Managing partner of a folding carton company in Tampa, Florida. Being close to the water, JB purchased a large boat to entertain business customers, as well as potential new customers.

JB soon realized the likelihood of having pictures taken of the catches made on his bought of prized trophy fish. At that time, the only thing available to display their catches was a fish display board. However, to get the most from a business standpoint, he wanted to have posed pictures with a single person or a group picture of them holding their fish. Well, many of our customers did not want to “hold that fish!!!”


Capt. JB Pybus developed handles to attach to fish, so that now, with clean handles, customers would gladly hold the fish they caught and pose for the best view of the people and fish. JB would take the best photo of the customer and make a copy for them. He made a copy of the picture, had it framed, and sent it to them to place on their desk for bragging purposes, of course! JB now had a happy customer.


JB learned to clean and skin fillet fish from his mentor, Capt. Charlie Housh. Capt. Charlie would say, “When you can read a newspaper through the flesh left on the backbone, you have learned to clean a fish correctly.” Don’t waste fish!

Customers wanted their catch cleaned, bagged, and iced down for the return trip home. To give customers something to talk about and impress upon them the art of cleaning a fish, JB would begin his demonstration. As he did so, someone would always interject comments such as, “Look at that fish cut. Looks like a doctor at work.” The term “Fish Doctor” was derived, and in 1970, the word “FishDocktor” was born. The name FishDocktor was placed on the boat, t-shirts, hats, etc. When Capt. JB would donate fishing trips as fundraisers for local groups, t-shirts would be prepared with the slogan, “I fished on the FishDocktor.”

Later, JB patented the handles and trademarked ad registered the name FishDocktor with the U.S. Patent Office.

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